Class Collage Information


Each class has a collage of photos in the All Sports Program, sold at Wildcat home football games and various winter and spring sporting events. Your participation in the collage generates funds used by the Wildcat Club to support “wish list” items needed by our Wildcat sports teams! Here’s how it works:

  1. Each class at LHHS has a collage in the All Sports Program. All students are encouraged to participate!

  2. Turn in two hard copy photos of your student to the parent in charge of your class collage. Your student’s head should be approximately the size of a quarter.

  3. The cost to be in the collage is $10 per student, payable to the parent in charge of your class collage. The coordinating parent pays a lump sum to the Wildcat Club for the entire group.

  4. Depending on how many kids participate, the class collage will either be two full pages, 1-1⁄2 pages, or 1 page.

  5. The printer will add artwork, text, a border, etc. in coordination with the parent in charge of the class collage.


Final deadline is June 19, 2023.