Athletic Purchases

The mission of the Wildcat Club is to assist Lake Highlands High School student-athletes and coaches, to increase adult/parent involvement and support of the high school, and to improve our Lake Highlands community through the UIL-sanctioned athletic programs of Lake Highlands High School as well as Forest Meadow Junior High and Lake Highlands Junior High.


We would like to thank all of our sponsors and contributors. Over the last five years, the Wildcat Club has spent over $350,000 on both capital improvements and items for individual sports to the athletics programs at LHHS, FMJH and LHJH. Below are some of the items your generous support has helped to fund.



  • LHHS cathead
  • Elliptical machine for athlete rehabilitation
  • Rolling full-sized soccer goals
  • Softball Pitching Machine
  • 9-hole pitcher pockets for softball
  • Practice uniforms for basketball
  • Game day compression shirts for football
  • Wrestling warm-up suits and travel bags
  • Tarps for baseball
  • Baseball infield renovation
  • Soccer balls, bags and pumps
  • Benches and scoring tables for tennis
  • Warm up suits and bags for track


  • TPI Performance Power Tower for Swimming Training
  • Pitching Machine for baseball
  • Alley shades and benches for tennis
  • Feather banners to announce tennis matches
  • Kwik goals for girls soccer
  • Heart Monitors for swimming
  • Practice balls and field drags for baseball
  • Long-sleeve jerseys for boys and girls soccer
  • Travel equipment bags for football
  • Headsets for football
  • Speakers for baseball field


  • Bullpen tarps for baseball field
  • Bullpen catching mats for baseball field
  • Lake Highlands branded on-deck circles for softball field
  • Cover-ups for the swimming and team
  • Warm-ups for the girls' basketball teams
  • Jackets for the girls' soccer team
  • Sky200 GC high definition, telescoping end zone camera
  • Large VolleyCart for the volleyball team



  • Digital scoreboard table for gym
  • FungoMan for baseball
  • 16’ covered bench for soccer teams
  • 5 Rogue Abram machines for weight room
  • DAC facilities usage fee for both men and women’s golf
  • 14 bumper plates for powerlifting
  • Tennis 150 ball cart plus 18 court cones for targets
  • 2 Gamma Brute teaching carts for tennis
  • Track and field equipment: steel shot puts, Challenger discus, mini training hurdles, relay batons, measuring cane and 50’ measuring tape
  • Wrestling equipment: fans for wrestling room, ropes for weight room, USA memberships/insurance
  • Softball equipment: Turf batter’s mats, Pro Lute rake, Samurai protective gear, 15 Organizer backpacks for JV, 2 Schutt extended pro plates
  • Women’s basketball equipment: KBA slipp-nott board, KBA flex half cones, KBA JF rebounder, fast draw software, team poster and banner



  • Plyo boxes
  • Knee braces for football
  • Backpacks for women’s basketball
  • Bushnell Rangefinders for golf
  • Jerseys for women’s soccer and softball
  • Backpacks for women’s volleyball
  • Stadium jackets for men’s soccer
  • Football and basketball uniforms
  • Fight shorts for wrestling team



  • Practice balls for baseball
  • Team travel bags for basketball
  • Game jerseys for football
  • Umbrellas for men’s golf
  • Rain pants for men’s golf
  • Golf team green fees
  • Sports bags for men’s soccer
  • Shorts for women’s soccer
  • Bats for softball
  • Jerseys for softball
  • Long bungees for swimming
  • Backpacks for cross country
  • Cable electronics for women’s basketball
  • Uniforms for cross country
  • Practice suits for swimming
  • Vertec for volleyball
  • Volleyballs
  • Soccer goals
  • Infield tractor for baseball
  • Pushcarts for women’s golf
  • Wrestling mats



  • PA speakers for baseball
  • Backpacks for women’s basketball
  • Warm-up jackets for cross country
  • Tarps for cross country
  • Game jerseys and pants for football
  • Windbreakers for golf
  • Rangefinders for women’s golf
  • Golf team green fees
  • Powerlifting weights
  • Backpacks for men’s soccer
  • BOSU replacements for women’s soccer
  • Bats for softball
  • Softball helmets
  • Kneeskins for swimming
  • Volleyball cover-up shorts
  • GunShot Trainer for basketball
  • Wheeled conversion kits for soccer
  • Backstop net system and wall block for softball
  • Backstop net system and wall block for baseball
  • LHFC Wildcat banner

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